Familiar Faces

To: Professional and amateur photographers

The electronic magazine Culture of Balkans www.cultureofbalkans.com building on the success of last year’s co-organization of the Photography Exhibition “Photography Encounters”, in Kardamili of Messinian Mani, Peloponnese, Greece, announces to its photographer friends that it will participate and co-organise the 2nd “Photography Encounters” to be held, once again, in Stoupa, in the last 15 days of July 2019. We invite you to participate in the photography exhibition entitled “Familiar Faces” (faces we love, from our daily lives).

Our photographer friends who wish to participate should send their photo (1 black and white photo per photographer) to the e-mail address of the magazine: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 30.06.2019. The file to be sent must be of such size that a photo of 60 * 40 cm can be printed. Together with the photo file, photographers must send a short CV – in English - as well as their contact information.

All photos sent will be uploaded to the magazine  www.cultureofbalkans.com.

If participation is too large, only a selection of photos will be printed. The selection will be made by the team of West Mani Frames and the magazine.

Those who submit photos automatically accept that their photos will be exhibited in Exhibitions – always with mention of their name and contact details – as well as in future publications of the magazine (Photo album, diary, etc.).

After the end of the 2nd “Photography Encounters”, the exhibition will "travel" to other cities in Greece and the Balkans as well.

On behalf of Culture of Balkans, we look forward to receiving your submissions and thank you very much.

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