Rumjana Georgieva


Rumjana Georgieva was born in Sofia. She graduated from a German high school, later from the Sofia University of World and Economic Economy, with a master’s degree in Finance. She deals with fine art and its techniques of depicting and presenting the three colours of painting in space. She works from her soul, inspiration and nature, with bold colours and brush, in different styles. Her work is based on the thought: Freedom is at the top of the brush, with a continuation of German idealism, that it is an unknown necessity. The world of art is her fantasy and fantastic world. That’s why she is signing her artworks with the artistic name Romi Gianna. She has numerous of solo and joint exhibitions. The artist paintings are part of the American Art Awards 2022 and World Art Awards 2023 and win prices in certain genres:

  • AAA 2022 – 6-th place category cubism;
  • WAA 2023 – 2-nd place category erotic male, 3-th place abstract expressionism, 5-th and 6-th place portrait of someone famous, 6-th place impressionism animal.

Gianna combines art with the harmony of her family and her three children. That’s why her paintings will be in the collections of the world and art lovers.    

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