Dorothy Takev

 I haven’t got a chance to introduce you to this amazing woman with her previous projects, but she’s been around under the spotlight since she released her Visual EP “Make Art Not Euro” in 2015, and even a little before that. She is the creative mastermind  of all her projects and she sees her craft as connecting the dots to make the vision a reality. After a lifetime (she’s 29 at the moment) under the spotlight, being in different bands, taking risks and collaborating with artists from around the globe, she is now in the right headspace for “Siren” - her debut album, released in the end of 2020.

“Siren” is a Bulgarian modern music fairytale. The inspiration behind it comes first from her roots, the village of Vlado Trichkov, where she spent all of her summers until the age of six, and it is the place  she feels strongly connected with. In her song “Snaga” she even includes her grandfather, singing a little folklore melody. The whole idea of the album is to take inspiration from the roots, mix it with today’s world to create a new one that we all get to experience through music and visuals.


(Photo by Contemporary Bohemians) The music producer behind the whole album is Kay Be. Dorothy and Kay Be came up with the sound that includes ethno elements from Bulgaria and other regions, hip-hop beats, flamenco rhythms and all that mixed with Dorothy’s unexpected vocal lines that contribute to an r’n’b feel to them, making a whole new vibe that “Siren” brings to the table.

Dorothy Takev talks about the invisible power from ghosts and samodivas (nymphs) to the invisible forces that we all carry within ourselves but often forget. She talks about changing our own ways in the song ”Koya E Tya” and escaping the circle of everyday programming that we all sometimes get caught up in.

(Music video for “Koya E Tya” Directed by Dimitris Georgiev)

In the song “Alo Alo” Dorothy talks about giving a hand to your sweethaearts without the fear or shame, she talks about togetherness and unifying as people in hard times. She shares some of her poor love experiences in which she has been hurt and she expresses her anger in the song “Look Out”.

“Every time, I tried to get to heart police… I just start shooting at you in my mind. Get down, get down, get down, get down.”

She takes us on a love journey from the middle of the album to the end of it. Songs like “U I Wanna See” are dreamy and the groove  is something different.

( “U I Wanna See” Official Music Video)

“Da” is the only song that has a feature on and it’s by Kay Be. That song has a high static vibe and it’s an exchange of energies between them.

As in her Visual EP, Dorothy spreads out beyond the music. She delivers a whole body of work by having illustrated visualizers for each song on her YouTube channel. She is transformed into a Samodiva, and every song tells a different story and has a unique visual interpretation, including symbols, references and different flavors. We expect her CD to be released very soon, and as you already may know  it’s not going to be just a proper CD. “Siren” will be a book, that will include all those incredible illustrations, lyrics, behind the scenes photos and more. Until then, you can order a poster from her Instagram @dorothytakev

From fashion to locations, from themes to messages, from no time to timelessness “Siren” has a story to tell and we are all here to listen.

Listen to Dorothy Takev’s debut album “Siren” here:

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