Pencho Georgiev


An exhibition on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of the artist Pencho Georgiev is presented until March 7 by the Sofia City Art Gallery. He began his career in the 1920s together with artists such as Ivan Milev, Ivan Penkov, Iliya Beshkov, Vasil Stoilov, Ivan Nenov, etc., he remained associated with modernism in Bulgarian art and the Society of New Artists. His tragic fate did not allow him to fully develop his artistic talent. Despite his early death in 1940 in the elevator shaft of the National Theater, Pencho Georgiev left a significant artistic legacy, learned DUMA from Petar Dimov, a public relations expert at the Sofia City Art Gallery.

Almost 80 years have passed since the posthumous exhibition in 1941, organized by the Society of New Artists, and from the significant number of paintings exhibited then (nearly 400, selected from 1,200 works - paintings, graphics, theater projects and costumes), to us. have reached less than half.

The exhibition presents a large part of the preserved works - over 150. Also included are seven scenographic projects from the "Albert Richard Moore Collection", stored today in the University Library "Johann Christian Zenkenberg" (Frankfurt). Early works from his student years at the Academy of Fine Arts (1920-1925), graphics and paintings from his stay in Paris (1929-1932), drawings and illustrations, as well as scenographic projects and photographs from various productions are shown. Curators are Stanislava Nikolova and Lyuben Domozetski, exhibition design - Nadezhda Oleg Lyahova.

Between the theater, in which he works with all his heart, and the life as he presents it in his works, Pencho Georgiev's work goes through different stages. Everyday rural work, numerous images of families and mothers, funeral rituals of the village, difficulties of life in the city, homeless vagrants, street musicians, unemployed and disadvantaged people, noisy cabaret and accordionists fill the works of the artist.

The basis of his creative interest remains the theater. From the smallest sketch, through the actor's costume, to the most complex technical detail, Pencho Georgiev seeks to transform the stage effects in sync with the dramaturgy and the director's idea. For his relatively short career - from 1925 to 1940, he developed an impressive scenographic activity. He prepared over 20 productions for the National Theater and the Sofia National Opera, and in just two years - from 1926 to 1928, he developed over 40 performances for the Ruse Municipal Theater.

The exhibition is realized in partnership with DA "Archives", the National Gallery, RIM - Vratsa, and with the support of the Museum Collection of the National Academy of Arts, HG "Dimitar Dobrovich" - Sliven, University Library "Johann Christian Zenkenberg", Frankfurt, Donation "Svetlin Collection "- Pleven, HG" Stanislav Dospevski "- Pazardzhik, Archive of the Sofia Opera and Ballet, Archive of the National Theater" Ivan Vazov ", private collections.

The exhibition can also be seen in the documentary "Pencho Georgiev", 1981, directed by Petko Konstantinov, sc. Alexander Beshkov, provided by the Archive Fund of BNT. A catalog in Bulgarian and English is also provided.


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