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On the occasion of International Children's Day, the Comic Opera for Children organizes the annual Children's Opera Festival, offering premiere performances and outdoor activities for the whole family.

The event reached its seventh edition and takes place between May 26 and June 11, 2023, at the institution's headquarters in Calea Giulești no. 16 from Bucharest.

The Children's Opera Festival is one of the flagship projects of the Comic Opera for Children. The seventh edition of this event dedicated to World Children's Day takes place between May 26 and June 11, 2023, between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. The program includes numerous activities for the whole family, organized at the institution's headquarters in Calea Giulești no. 16, Bucharest, including 30 performances in the three performance halls, with some of the most beloved titles from the repertoire, such as the musical "School of Rock", directed by Emil Pantelimon, fair and relaxation areas, games and competitions, but also creative workshops.

The editions of the past years have brought to the public new objectives, such as the Garden with Live Butterflies, the Greenhouse with Carnivorous Plants, the Stage Academy, the Living Library, the OCC River, the Open Air Cinema and the Star Observatory. This year, the organizers are waiting for children with beloved attractions, such as the Ball Pool, OCC Trampoline, Little Archer, OCC Circuit, OCC Express, Adventure Park, Escape Room and VR Zone. In addition, to prevent the heat wave, there are two cool objectives: Water Target and Water Zone. Visitors at least two years old have their own mechanical toys that they can freely enjoy in the OCC Garden: the Excavator, the Motorcycle and the Carousel. 

Access to the festival is free, participation in activities is based on tickets with a value of 3 RON/piece, available at the OCC Store. Tickets for the performances included in the festival can be purchased on the network.

School of Rock
Genre: Musical | Hall: Great Hall | Recommended age: +7 years
The musical "School of Rock", by Andrew Lloyd Webber, staged at the Comic Opera for Children is, beyond the sensational music and exceptional performers, a story of broken dreams and fulfilled dreams, delivered by a cast made up mainly of children and teenagers . The super-production is also a superb parenting lesson, in an era that is increasingly attentive to the parent-child-teacher relationship – one more reason to be on the schedule of a festival dedicated to World Children's Day!


May 26, 6:30 p.m
May 27-28, 11 a.m. and 5 p.m
June 1-5, 11 a.m. and 5 p.m

The Universe of Magic
Genre: Magic Show | Room: Mozart Salon | Recommended age: +5 years
Bogdan Muntean is back in force at the Comic Opera for Children with a new series of tricks in the "Universul magiei" show! We enter a different world, where everything is possible, where dreams come true, where we make new friends and participate in the show. Bogdan Muntean, the resident magician at OCC, always complements his magic numbers with jokes and involves the children in the show. Because some spells just don't work without the help of kids!


May 27-28, 10:00
June 1-5, 10am
June 10-11, 10:00

Viennese story
Genre: Ballet | Room: UnderGrant Room | Recommended age: +3 years
"Viennese Tale" is a cheerful and sentimental ballet performance, in which pairs of young lovers discover the cheerful hustle and bustle of a Viennese park in broad daylight. It is a promenade for scenes of jealousy, consumed quickly, for renewals of vows, decently escapades with young officers, coming on leave... Waltz scenes, with classic figures, weaving innocent seductions in a show that calls children from the age of 3 years.


May 27-28, 11:00

Genre: Ballet | Room: UnderGrant Room | Recommended age: +3 years
The beautiful Mirandolina has inherited an inn and is persistently courted by three suitors, one more sleazy than the other. The performance that bears its name - the ballet "Mirandolina" - has an extremely beautiful choreography, which combines steps from traditional Italian dances with ballet movements, on a musical collage made up of tarantulas and songs, dances full of energy and a lot of humor good quality.


June 3-4, 11:00

Don Quixote
Genre: Ballet | Hall: Great Hall | Recommended age: +3 years
The knight errant Don Quixote has fascinated generations for four centuries with his incredible adventures. Love wins this time too, and Don Quixote is the hero who contributes to the happiness of young lovers Basil and Quiteria.


June 10-11, 11:00

Adventure Park
For the bravest children, Aventura Parc offers a series of elements suspended at different heights, elements that can be traversed using the appropriate equipment, by crossing or climbing. The two routes include suspension bridges, mesh walls and a zipline each! Participants are trained and equipped in such a way that safety is maximum. Each playground has qualified staff, so children are constantly supervised.

 Creative Workshops

The Creative Workshops are the opportunity for the little ones to practice their creativity and skills! OCC specialists and craftsmen guide the little ones to create a lot of special objects that will become their fond memories! Puppets, toys, clay figurines, jewelry, paintings on all materials - these are just some of the objects that are born from the hands of children in the OCC Garden!

 Ball pool

The most sought-after attraction in the OCC Garden, the Ball Pool, returns in the Children's Opera Festival! Tens of thousands of colorful balls are ready to welcome children among them and give them the funniest memories with new friends!

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