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On Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 20:00 AD Gallery opens the new solo show of Steve Gianakos entitled “Welcome to wee”.

Steve Gianakos is particularly attracted by two elements, by Minimalism and by the strong image, which arrives at the limits of provocation. His work is nourished by popular culture, by the eroticism and the violence of comic books, by the pretentious innocence of children’s books of the 50s. Gianakos is part of a group of American artists that constituted an opposing force to the sensationalism and commercialism of the mainstream Pop Art of the 60’s and presented themselves as artists’ artists rather than mediagenic darlings of the market and the art trade.

Gianakos takes aim at the politically correct values of puritan America and finds great pleasure in watching them explode in our faces. This is why, in the end, his work is more Punk than Pop.

The central issue in the works of the 2nd floor is for the image itself to constitute the final product. He doesn’t bypass the difficulties of figurative composition by simply giving it up. Here painting loses its halo and acquires the form of a commonplace object, it transforms into a “poster”, a perfect industrially produced product. So, the visitor of the exhibition will have to get over his uneasiness to decide to what extent what he sees is just a poster or a work of art. If, in the end, the strength of the image makes the object-product a work of art.

The works in the exhibition are unique pieces. The 1st flour of the gallery presents a selection of printed canvases, either as pre-thoughts or after-thoughts in the process of making the black-and-white works of the 2nd floor. The research that led him to the “pure image-product”, to his “posters”, has in a way infiltrated the canvas.

By breaking the traditional rules and using some of the codes and methods that were used, during the previous century, to declare the “end of art”, Gianakos seeks on the contrary to push art a step further. He wishes to subtract the “traditional” values of art, to destroy its “aura”, to be finally able to touch its essence.

Exhibition duration: October 4 – December 2, 2017

Visiting hours: Tuesday-Friday 12:00-21:00 and Saturday 12:00-16:00


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