My name is Sinisa Lazarevic. Visual arts I have been working professionally for ten years. I've been trying all this time to contribute and to bring to the world a vision. I carry my own thing somewhere in the depths of my soul, and I show that there is also another, more beautiful side of nature and reality, everything that surrounds us, which in moments of our engagement and unusual fighting for a better life is full of turbulence and we do not notice it. I paint the nature of things the way I experience them in some impressionist style, time, trying to convey the angle of my view of nature through emotions and my own ideas. Turning the world into an even better place. I try to keep the moments that we do not notice in our everyday obligations with a dose of impressionistic view of things in the balance of the real and the unreal, and thus I show my viewing angle, trying to figure out my work as a recognizable part of my creativity through a brush, as a unique and striking part of mine continent.



bajkovitoulje na lesonitu50x40cmBlago tišineulje na plkatnu60x40cm
Park Bukovička banjaulje na platnu50x70cm e1516614695547par e1516188395274
arolijaulje na platnu30x20cm e1516959630935Devojka sa crvenom halčjinomulje na platnu30x20cm e1519121376111

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