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Hello friends of art. I am Svetla Chirakova and I am from Bulgaria. Since my childhood I have the beauty of the colors in my heart despite my successful professional career as a financier in an international company. After a "fateful encounter" with a wool panel on an alley in the old town of Plovdiv I realized it was time to release the creator in me. I left my work and I dived into the Magic of Wave, which completely conquered me. My paintings are different than all others - they are made of wool fibers, dyed in various colors. I use a variety of techniques for their arrangement and, thanks to the specific qualities of the wool, the unique depth and the three-dimensionality that capture the senses are achieved. My works are filled with lots of warmth, energy, love, mystery and ........ magic!

Enjoy yourself!

All my pictures are available on my facebook page
You can contact me by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ВихърВ плен на музиката
Врани конВъв вихъра на промяната
Есен в РодопитеИзгрев
Дървото на животаПреди отскок
Късметлийско кучеЛазарка
СлънчогледиЦелунати от слънцето
Слънчова щеркаУсещане
Рошавото рижо ангелчеТерес

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