Myrtia Hellner

Automatic writing, naturally in a different way and individual version, is also used in her works by  Myrtia Hellner. By means of the functionings of the subconscious, she brings to light the possibilities of transformations of the real world. In her anthropomorphic animals which interweave with plants of an imaginary type, she throws light upon and colours in an explosive manner her coruscating labyrinthine compositions, which are completed by the incorporation of her mutated formations of archetypal geometric shapes, such as the cross, the triangle, the circle, the spiral, and so on. Through a rhythmically pulsating and inwardly vibrating 'universe', which is born again from its inner forces, and seems constantly to be centrifugal, potentially extending to the transcendence of any concept of limit, Myrtia Hellner, on the one hand, makes reference to sustainability and to the primary nature of a wild, undisguised nature, unapproachable by man, while, on the other, she refers allegorically to the fluid nature of the psychic hinterland and to the unforeseen activities and fermentations which take place there, without the mediation of reason.

The artist has been inspired by surrealism and pop culture, by psychodelics and the multifarious designs of tattooing, and, at the same time, by street art, but above all by the mythology of the countries of Northern Europe, and she combines the microcosm with the large scale, the city with the human body and the various 'environments' in constantly new formations, triggered by the freedom of the creative imagination.

Athena Schina

Critic & Historian Art

Myrtia Hellner currently lives and works in Athens, Berlin and on the island of Andros. Works of Myrtia Hellner can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad.

She is a member of the greek artist collective Orizontas Gegonoton.

Solo exhibitions: δη Κέντρο Σύρου, Αίθουσα Εμ. Ροί

2013, 05.04. – 04.05., Memories of Dreams or Never Ending Stories, art centre Degli Artisti, Βerlin, Germany

2015, 28.03. – 20.06., Flowers, Birds, Stars, Diogenes centre, Athens, Greece

2017, 26.08 – 09.09., Memories of Dreams in a colourful garden, Municipal Gallery of Syros, Em. Rhoidis / Festival Syros Culture 2017

Group exhibitions:

2005, 18.03. – 07.05., Αerinoi Dialogoi, Gallery ΑΕΝΑΟΝ, Athens, Greece

2014, 13.12. – 30.12., Dora Ferontes2017, 1.12-18.12, , ύχρωμο κήπο”ng Stories, , Gallery ΑΕΝΑΟΝ, Athens, Greece

2015, 01.08. – 27.09., 21οι PLOES, Nepenthe and Eothina, Soothing sorrow, looking towards the dawn,  Petros and Marikas Foundation, Chora Andros, Andros island, Greece

2017, 23.03. – 25.03., Stardust, in: Metro Stages project, Metro Station ΑΚROPOLIS, Athens, Greece

2017, 10.04. – 27.04., Bazaar of Desire and Pathos, art centre Booksplus, Athens, Greece


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4. Μυρτια Χελλνερ   2. Mυρτια Χελλνερ

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