12-th International Graphics Exhibition

12-то издание Международна Графична Изложба  
12-th International Graphics Exhibition  
"Из колекциите" / "Ex-Collections"  
24.01.2019 - 20.02.2019 
Вернисаж / Vernissage 
24.01.2019 г. /четвъртък/ от 17.00 до 19.00 часа 
гр.Варна, ул.Драгоман 12

From 24 January to 20 February 2019, the Le Papillon Art Gallery space hosts the twelfth edition of "From Collections" - drawing of small format and exlibris graphics. Traditionally, for 12 consecutive years, I make delightful the fans of this art with a special selection of works of established authors. And since traditions need not only to be preserved but also further more developed, in our previous editions we have added to the graphic expression with drawings with ink, pencil, sangin, we have also paid attention to the electronic technologies entering in the art with the presentation of animated interpretations of graphics. In this 12th edition we will diversify the collection with watercolors of well-known authors established in the graphic field, presenting unpublished graphics executed in the traditional graphic techniques, and created especially for the exposition graphic color and monochrome drawings in dry and oily pastel and pencil. 

Graphic art is one of the most immense wealth of diversity that, through its richness of information, small details, image overlay, and variety, can fill the senses and provoke new associative ideas. In order for the experience of contact with this type of art to be really beneficial, it is very important not only to present a certain number of works in an exhibition, but the preliminary selection of the graphics to be considered and precise. We will present professionally implemented graphics and works selected from a large number of works of world-class authors with high painting skills, all awarded with more than one awards in international prestigious forums in the techniques: etching, lithography, dry needle, algraphy, mezzotinto, aquatint , engraving on wood and metal, zeabdrug, as well as a drawing of dry and oily pastel and watercolor. 

These are the artists whose works will represent the gallery: 

Participants from Bulgaria: Velin Marinchevski, Veselin Vassilev, Darina Peeva, Desislav Gechev, Ph.D. Desislava Hristova, Eddie Baramov, Ivan Stratiev, Zhivko Mutafchiev, Marin Gruev, Milko Bozhkov, Onnik Karanfilian, Peter Velikov, Robert Baramov, Prof. Stoimen Stoilov, Tsanko Tsankov, Hristo Kerin, Hristo Naydenov, Tsvetan Kazandzhiev, Yulian Yordanov. 

From Belarus, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, Latvia, China, Ukraine and the Czech Republic: Alexey Fedorenko, Viktor Kobzev, Viola Tish, Vladimir Zuev, Vladimir Suchanek, Vladislav Quartalni, Gunter Hueber, Evgenia Timoshenko, Ivan Kunek, Ivan Rusachek, Ivo Mosele, Jochen Kublik, Karol Felix, Katsunori Hamanishi, Kriz, Li Jan Yin, Mickaello Dramaylo, Marian Barka, Oldrich Helen, Olek Dennisenko, Petar Avgustovich, Petar Chinovski, Pla Dahalov, Soldi Bando, Roman Sustov, Stanislav Nikiriev, Tomasz Krivich, Udovichenko, Hana Chapova, Hasip Pektas, Yuriy Yakovlenko, Jan Chernosh. 

The opening of the exhibition will be on 24th January 2019 - Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00 in the exhibition hall of the Dragoman 12 (next to Puppet Theater).

You are welcome to enjoy the immense variety of graphic art that, through its sophistication of information, small details, image overlay and variety, touches all the senses. 

Because of the large number of enrolled graphics, it is not possible to include all the photos in one e-mail, so some of them will be split into two emails and all can be viewed on our site artpapillon.com

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