Ana Miljković

Ana Miljković is born (1992) in Kruševac (Serbia). She graduated from the Faculty ofAna Miljković is born (1992) in Kruševac (Serbia). She graduated from the Faculty ofFine Arts in Belgrade, Department of Painting (2016). She is participant in several public andprivate projects and she has her artworks in private art collections in Serbia and San Francisco.Member of ULUS (Association of Fine artists of Serbia) and ULUK (Association of fine artistsfrom Kruševac). Currently doctoral student of Fine Arts, Departmet of Painting, with main focuson mosaic art.


She lives and works in Belgrade.

2016.First award of Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade for mosaic,
2017. Award "Borislav Boro Nježić" for the best student work in mosaic at 12th Small ScaleMosaic Exhibition, Belgrade
2018. Award for exceptional artwork at VIII Biennial of mosaics, BelgradeSolo exhibitions:
2017. Presence Nature Existence, Gallery of Student's City Cultural Center, Belgrade
2017. Presence Nature Existence, Gallery of Cultural Center in DespotovacSelected collective exhibitions:
2016. Exhibition of awarded students of Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Gallery of Faculty ofFine Arts
2017. 12th Small Scale Mosaic Exhibition, Gallery ULUPUDS, Belgrade
2018. New members of “ULUS”, Art Pavilion „Cvijeta Zuzoric“, Belgrade
2018. Bienniale of contemporary Church Art, Art Pavilion „Cvijeta Zuzoric“, Belgrade
2018. 14th International biennale of miniature, Cultural Center Gornji Milanovac
2018. VIII Biennale of mosaics „Еxpirience magic“, Student’s Cultural Center, New Belgrade
2018. Belgrade festival of mosaics, Serbian Cultural Center, Paris (France)
2018. NOA Festival, Cultural Center Novi Sad2018. MiniARTura, NLB gallery, Skopje (Macedonia2018. Belgrade Mosaic art festival, Heritage House, BelgradeArt colonies:
2017. Art colony in Dvorane (Serbia)
2018. 8. Mosaic Art colony “Mladen Srbinovic” in Bela Voda (Serbia)
2018. International Art colony Kumanovo (Macedonia)
2018. International Art colony Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Constantly fascinated with life and world that surrounds us I find nature as inexhaustiblesource of inspiration. Every part of it, even the smallest one, whether it is a drop of water, abug, grass or stone, for me it’s an everyday reminder on time, existence and decay, life anddeath, and the beauty in all. There, maybe subconsciously, I find natural stone as the mostsuitable material to work with. I am fascinated with numerous kinds of stone, whether it hassoft or hard structure, easier or difficult to break and shape, every stone hides a colorfulsurprise inside and finds its place in mosaic flows.In the system of nature everything has its place, as in mosaic. Every little piece of stoneis unique, even imperfect one and that is in common to human and nature, because in theimperfection is reflected perfection.










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