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Stefanos Nousiadis and Evi Koroni, two colleagues who met during the filming of ERT's "Ancient Drama" series and became friends later, one from Crete, the other from Thassos-Kavala, met in Athens from their walks (inside and outside of Athens), they explore beautiful areas, and spend 12 minutes of pleasant sightseeing.

They walk and tell the stories they learn from where they go. There are people who have something special about their lives and their work. Their priority is always to highlight the rich history of the country and its culture. Art and people.

Evi tells us how the idea started: "We were intermingled with our interests, our concerns, our curiosity to know new things, and every week (every Monday) we are introducing you through our YouTube channel a small video."

"What we want to achieve is through the company to give the viewer some information about his city and his country. Encourage him to take his friends and walk and read more about his region. Many Athenians do not know important historical things about their city. We see this in our every walk, especially when we ask people to give us information. We briefly offer you a small twelve-minute walk by suggesting areas for you to see, eat, have fun ... "

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