by Christos Karakasis


The film Take a trip, directed by, Christos Karakasis  awarded the Best Director Award UK Genesis Cinema in England, while at the same time winning the Best Documentary Award at the New York Tri-State International Film Festival in New York. Has won 16 international awards so far and have more than 40 official entries and screenings at festivals around the world.

Focusing on London, accompanied by the texts of the Vasiliki Kappa, we explore the troubled past of the city during World War II, when the London skies were filled with smoke and the Luftwaffe's iron birds scattered death on the streets.

Returning to the present, between the train stations and the banks of the Thames, Westminster and Camden Town, the British Museum and Hyde Park, we join the fighters for an equal rights society, protesting against intolerance and intolerance. Racism and for an upgraded education, without which we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past

“I’ m travelling. I’ m leaving a city behind me for another city. I hope a different one. Why? I do not know. I suppose, someone else must be travelling to reach the city that I’m leaving. Maybe the journey takes place only inside us. Maybe the city itself is only inside us. What indeed is a city, rather than the way we see it?”


"Take a Trip" is an anti-racist look at mentality and fascism .The film is about the journey, a English-Greek production movie. London is the basic city where the journey takes us. The more free form creates connecting relations with the form, without the narration being a record or description but a catalyst and creative representation. Cleansing comes through a painful process. There are no moments of relaxation. The city leads us. It gives the rhythm. We resist the given relationship of time and the intensity of reality. We are present, without violating the space of the necessary vital distance. Our gaze changed. Our angles have changed. The camera became a guide and barometer.

I try to perceive the meaning. Inside me there is an imaginary room. I reside in it and secretly observe the world, like a writer. I'm on the street while I'm not. I feel that people are the same everywhere. I’ve come here to escape, yet suddenly people seem the same

The documentary is a composition of an inspiring poetic, philosophical text by the novelist and artist Vasiliki Kappa, with a reference to her art series "Invisible Cities".

The film is about the journey, not the one we do on the outside though, but the journey within us. London is the basic city where the journey takes us…

This Film settled a new creative framework through which painting, cinema, and writing came together and proceeded to a creative coupling with semantic extensions beyond the traditional way we perceive the limits of the arts.

The music, by Grigoris Giarelis, gives a dynamic tone to the narration.

Director of Photography: George Devon, Dionysios Dimas, Christos N. Karakasis

Music Composition: Gregory Giarelis

Assistant Director-Sound Record: Nikos Psaltakis

Production Assistant: Maria Kappa

Texts Narration: Vasiliki Kappa

Screenplay - Direction: Christos N. Karakasis

Production: ΚΟΥΙΝΤΑ Production- Tickets Tickets Company

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