European Film Festival Palic 2017

We believe that through the exploration of the relationship between the real and the possible, art can contribute to reaffirmation of a more humane world. 

We believe that art is not for sale and that there are values which are impossible to relativize.

We believe that entertainment and consumption are not authentic symbols of the entire epoch, and that sense of social and moral order has not yet lost all its radicalism.

We believe that globalizing power of cultural imperialism should be confronted with broadness of human spirit and authentic art, regardless of the fact that the winner of that competition has long been known.

We believe that inspiration for conceiving a utopian project of cultural emancipation and deserting the glitter of the global entertainment industry can be provided by Europe which, though often torn between power and wisdom, still offers a number of opportunities.

We believe that European spirit is able of experiencing film art as a medium which corresponds to human need for play, fantasy and other substitutes for the real, but also understanding it as a truthful document of reality.

We believe that European film offers a measure of autonomy in relation to self-reproducing power of global market institutions which have turned even the cultural space into a brilliant investment field.

By means of selecting the highest quality modern European films who accept no compromises, the European Film Festival Palić wants to prove that this kind of belief is not in vain, and that any attempt at emancipation and renewal of critical consciousness truly makes sense.

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